510 Brand on Jimmy Kimmel Live!?

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YO.... Shoutout to ALLBLACK!

but.... no shoutouts for Youtube....

A few months ago our very own Nina Simi designed and printed some custom bandanas for ALLBLACK! They were a huge hit... How does Jimmy Kimmel come into play you might be asking? WELL, when our boy ALLBLACK performed on the show with G-Easy and Blueface, he was rockin the 510 designed and printed bandana. Best part about it was the glow in the dark aspect that illuminated as they walked out of the ally and back into the studio at the end of the performance! 


As for Youtube... They took down the video from the performance unfortunately so you are no longer able to see it online... Kind of a bummer because there are several news and entertainment sites that did stories about their performance and now there's no videos anywhere on the net... Major bummer! Check back for photos.

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