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First Thursday Grand Lake Artshow

On June 6th we had yet another installment of our monthly art showcase. We feature music, food, drinks, and you guessed it.... ART! This month we featured the work of Alex Sodari, a young and up coming trippy comic style artist based out of Oakland. His work is a colorful blend of psychedelic visuals, vibrant colors, and vast imagination. It was a pleasure having him out live painting for us bringing some creative life energy into our space! Definitely check him out on all the social media outlets. Here's a few:

We also had the pleasure of hanging from an artist also local to the bay area who uses the handle 'Stitch'. His works are very intricate and intense with sharp gradients, beautiful blends, and wacky concepts. You can find Stitch's work all over the bay area from murals to canvas at very locations. Get at Stitch on the socials:

Our first Thursday event also ALWAYS features a live dj, food, and drinks. This week we had Shwung on the ones and twos dropping breakbeats, dnb, dubs and more... You can get at him from these links:




so... 510 Brand + Art + Music = Where you need to be....

See you next 'First Thursday'





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